Mussa nous parle de son pays

Mussa, un jeune zambien, poète et amoureux de son pays, nous a écrit un poème pour nous aider à comprendre sa Terre natale.

Le texte qui suit ne respecte pas exactement la vidéo…

The zambian people,

the zambian people are defined with compassion for morality,

they are strong believers of respect for human dignity,

the women are full of love, joy and most of all hospitality,

the men are authentic supporters of group solidarity,

and the young ones are always encouraged to grow up with co-responsibility.

Its culture and tradition is that which is filled with pride because of its rich history,

from the typical eastern part of zambia comes vigilant men and women who work so hard to see to it

that the tradition is  preserved and passed on to the next breed,

down in the southern part are Lady queens and gentle kings,

boys princes and girls princesses,

under the roof of unity,

the building blocks of tranquility,

the windows of serenity and the open doors of solidarity,

allow me to tell you a tale of a wonderful veil about mother zambia and who she is. She is the beautiful land where the great zambezi river flows, she is the true identity that unfolds the mighty victoria falls, she is the palace and home land of wildlife and source of a lot of minerals.

A lot of beautiful scenery and resides the country’s tourist capital, up in the northern part is people who practice farming both aqua and agricultural which contributes to its economy and in the western part comes one of zambia’s ceremonies which brings people together to celebrate common humanity.

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