Roy’s adventures with Carlène and Alice


Roy reads a book.




Roy takes a shower.




Roy plays with Canaille.







Roy celebrates Carlène’s Birthday.




Roy’s writing :


I am washing.





I give a hug.






I take a breakfast.





I buy some cheese.





I buy some fish.








I have a snack.





Sunrise at the beach …



Roy’s adventures …

Like every evening, Roy give to eat at fishes.












I help Maelya to do artistic gymnastics. And I try to do the same !


Maelya’s grandmother got married and I was invited. It was the Party !


As a family, we went to Vaissac (82), visit the park « Le Petit Paris ». For once, I was very tall !


I didn’t pass the gates of the Carcassonne’s medieval city.


I’m the King of Chambord !


Mona Lisa is watching me !!! I’m afraid !