Roy, Inès

Live from the Christmas circus with the family.

Roy is sad, he couldn’t come with us to the snow, because he was sick and contagious!

Roy is happy! He eats cakes with Inès

What a joker this Roy! He hide in Christmas socks.

Amaya & Roy

1                                                                        2

3                                                                4

  1. Roy is reading .

2. Where is Roy?

3. Roy is playing the ukulele

4.Roy is with his friend Mister Cat

Roy’s Holiday





Roy is playing with Sam and his bunny : Rêveur.

Roy discovers Fiona,  Sam’s dog.

Roy is riding horse with Mahana in Carmatran’s poney club.

Mahana and Roy are ready to go trick-or-treating ( and eat too much candy!)

Roy is eating pop corn in the Ice circus of the Zenith in Toulouse.


The sun is back ! Kamelia and Roy are happy.

Roy is playing with twins.